12 Common Sense Tips For Business Development Success

Here are 12 simple but very important tips for you to get the most out of your business development efforts.

1. Question your assumptions – Stop assuming that the way you do things now is the only or best way.
2. Focus on converting your enquiries, leads and opportunities and not just on creating them.
3. Long term growth and success is determined by outstanding customer or client service.
4. Great customer and client service is determined by how you make your customers and clients ‘feel’.
5. Be flexible … don’t create rules and policies which become more important than helping customers and clients part with their money! Use your common sense and bend the rules when you need to.
6. Know who your customers and clients are and keep in touch with them often.
7. Recruiting the right people is part of your business development.
8. Ask your customers and clients to buy more from you, by offering them additional goods and services.
9. Giving your customers and clients something ‘extra’ that they don’t expect will get them to spread positive word of mouth about you?
10. Keep things simple … “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.
11. Don’t be afraid to experiment with higher prices!
12. Find a niche and specialise.

Edited by Professor Ian Cooper, 2015


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